To guide you through the most important decisions

Plan for the future

Signing a prenuptial agreement is not a negative thing, on the contrary! It is just like an insurance: you hope you never need it, but you conclude it anyway, just in case!



It is not only a question of anticipating a divorce: your prenuptial agreement will also have an impact on the transmission of your estate in the event of your death. 



Don't wait until it's too late. Save yourself a lot of trouble by entering into a prenuptial agreement today.

solve conflicts

Because all is not always easy in life, E. LECLERCQ also supports you and advises you in case of litigation, especially in case of divorce. 

Pass on your estate

Asset management is one of E. LECLERCQ's flagship practices. Emergency decisions are rarely the best, and almost never allow you to achieve an optimal (tax-reduced) transfer of your estate. Whether you need to draw up a will or organise your assets in a company or companies, E. LECLERCQ AVOCAT advises you.


It all depends on the importance of the estate and the specificities of each case. In principle, invoicing is done on a time-spent basis, based on an hourly rate defined according to the complexity of the case. 


However, a first appointment by telephone without obligation can be offered to you at a rate of 178.50 euros including tax (150 euros excluding VAT).