Commercial and company law

Multiple skills

I have been practicing commercial law (including transport law) and corporate law for several years. I learned my profession in leading law firms in Germany and France. My studies also brought me to Scotland and New York. I have worked on all types of agreements and litigation. Together, let's find THE right solution.

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Finance law

International specialist

I chose to focus on finance law during my studies. Whether it involves financing in France, Germany or on an international level, I have the knowledge, skills and legal experience to answer your questions. 


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Contract Review

Purchase and sale of cars

A professional is not safe from litigation!

For all your disputes between professionals resulting from a defect or transport - on the seller's, buyer's or carrier's side, whether the dispute is national or international!

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What I have been working on

Litigation and contract lawyer

  • Review of contracts in the automotive industry, including supply agreements and transport arrangements 

  • Review of contracts in the telecommunication industry, including sale and purchase agreement, and retail agreements 

  • Review of terms and conditions in different industries, including in the telecommunication and automotive industries

  • Review of financial agreements and drafting of security documentation 

  • Litigation in the area of international transport law 

  • Litigation with respect to guarantee claims 

  • Commercial cross-border litigation, particularly in the field of industrial textiles and insulating products 

And many more...